PSx2 is a project that explores the participatory role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in new scientific and technological developments, with particular reference to experiences in the development of agricultural biotechnology (GM plants, food and feeds). The issue of novel biotechnologies is not only an expanding area of scientific research, but also provides a very important area for social experimentation in more active citizenship and a deeper involvement of the lay public in European research activities. Five civil society organisations and four scientific institutions are working together in this project funded by the DG research of the European Commission.

The overall objective is to increase the social relevance of scientific research through the promotion of public participation in European research activities. It is hoped that both the project process and its outcomes can be used to encourage dialogue and constructive engagement between civil society organisations and scientific research institutions. To this end PSx2 will establish a platform of ongoing exchange and collaboration between scientists and CSOs throughout the entire project and beyond

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Psx2 came at the end. Please find herewith enclosed the final report which will be presented and discussed at the final workshop in Brussels the next 13th of November. The workshop is open to the participation of CSOs, researcher and public institutions involved in the issue of science governance and public participation. See the agenda and the registration form.








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