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30 giugno 2014
Food appropriation through large scale land acquisitions
Testata: Environmental Research Letters Autore:
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25 giugno 2014
A review of the direct and indirect effects of neonicotinoids and fipronil on vertebrate wildlife
Testata: Environmental Science and Pollution Research Autore:
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05 giugno 2014
Creating a research agenda for the ecological implications of synthetic biology
Testata: Wilson Center Autore:
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26 maggio 2014
Conclusiveness of toxicity data and double standards
Testata: Food and Chemical Toxicology Autore:
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14 maggio 2014
Science in Society Issue 62 - Summer 2014
Testata: Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) Autore:
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09 maggio 2014
Comment on: Availability of Petition for Determination of Nonregulated Status for Monsanto MON 87411 Corn Rootworm Protected and Glyphosate-Tolerant Maize
Testata: Institute of Science in Society (I-Sis) Autore:
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05 maggio 2014
The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States
Testata: Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) Autore:
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31 marzo 2014
Extreme levels of Roundup in food became the industry norm
Testata: Independent Science News Autore:
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19 marzo 2014
The results of the FAO survey on low levels of genetically modified (GM) crops in international food and feed trade
Testata: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Autore:
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06 marzo 2014
Globalization's unexpected impact on soybean production in South America: linkages between preferences for non-genetically modified crops, eco-certifications, and land use
Testata: Environmental Research Letters Autore:
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